Starting the Process

To help us prepare for discussing your future business plans and your eventual exit strategy, we have partnered with Built To Sell Inc and have licensed their “Sellability Score” program for our firm’s use with our clients. The online questionnaire is the first step toward a deeper understanding of the issues relevant to the sale of your business. Once you have completed it, we will receive a report detailing the findings. Once we have interpreted the report, we will contact you to arrange to meet and discuss the findings, and we will then help you use the information to identify the steps to take to improve the outcome of your eventual exit and business transition – maximizing the value that can be realized through the sale.

To simplify the process, we have embedded the tool in the page below. Simply complete the short questionnaire, and you will be on your way to enjoying clarity around one of the big questions business owners face – “What is my business worth, and how can I increase that value?”