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About Matthew Aston

Kim and I have had a lot of bad luck with accountants and advisers. Thank goodness we were introduced to Matt Aston. Matt has fixed the wrongs and put us on the right track. He is prompt, reliable, and easy to talk to without glazing you over with jargon from his profession. Matt won’t sell you a bill of goods you don’t need, and will allow you the time to understand what he is recommending and why. Go talk with him, you’ll be happy, I am.

– Wayne Paget, Owner, Paget Denture Clinic

Matt has been advising my wife Katharine and me since June 2010. Our initial meeting was to review our Insurance coverage. As Matt gained our trust we switched all of our mutual fund investments to his management (January 2011). In the three years since, we have never had cause to regret that decision. Matt has impressed us on a number of fronts, but above all we have been impressed by his integrity. His work ethic is unmatched by any other advisor that we have dealt with (and there have been several). Matt’s communication skills are exemplary. He is extremely well informed on tax law and advanced planning. Matt reviews our portfolios with us on a regular basis and recommends changes as the market dictates. We have enjoyed steady returns without losing sleep. Matt earns commissions on the products he manages for us. He does not earn fees for planning, nor advising. Despite this, Matt has spent many, many hours reviewing our affairs, simplifying them, and assisting us with the development of our retirement and estate plans. Additionally, he has referred us to other professionals like lawyers and accountants as needed. As a result of Matt’s efforts, we now have a clear picture of how our retirement will unfold and be funded. Our Estate plans are works-in-progress under his management, and will likely remain so, as they are rarely static. Matt has given us peace of mind and that’s priceless. I would strongly recommend his services.

– Mark Higgins, Accountant & Real Estate Investor

I began working with Matthew Aston and his team in 2008, just as the world economy started to fall apart. Through that challenging period, Matthew never stopped working diligently to manage the markets on my behalf. He would call without prompting to arrange to meet with me to provide recommendations that best suited my risk tolerance and my goals. Since he took over, my investments have done better than they had ever done under anyone else’s management including the major charted banks, and they have consistently outperformed the markets as a whole.

What has been impressive is the depth and breadth of his advice. Decisions were not made blindly. The world economy as a whole has been explained in terms that were easy to understand making my investment options clear and therefore decisions easier to make. Since partnering with Matthew, he has helped me bring my future into a clear picture by first helping me to recognize my goals and then helping me put a plan it place to achieve them. From coordinating and overseeing the directing of my lawyer on how to specially craft my Will and Powers of Attorney, to developing my strategy for retirement, and crafting my legacy plan I sleep much easier knowing that what I have worked so hard to achieve will actually become a reality and have a lasting positive effect.

I can honestly say that he is passionate about helping people with every area of their wealth management – he genuinely cares. No one is too big or too small. Not only do I trust Mathew with my future I trust him with the future of those I care most about. I would highly recommend Matthew and his team to anyone and everyone that is tired of the mediocre and would like to have excellence, quality service, expertise, and care in the area of their wealth. This is one partnership you won’t regret. I know my family and I don’t.

– Lynda Riddell, Mortgage Broker, Re/Max Eastern Realty

My wife and I have worked with Matthew since 2007. We have always found him to be diligent, hard working, honest, and transparent. He is different than any other wealth manager we have worked with. His expertise extends beyond the usual “product focused” advisor and he helps us with everything from our investments to our insurance, our tax planning to our corporate structuring, and he is always willing to contact our accountants, lawyers, and other professionals to provide direction to properly align their work on our behalf. When running a business, there is little time left to babysit our professionals. We need a partner we can trust to do that for us. Thankfully, Matt is happy to help us with that whenever it’s needed. We trust him. We’re thrilled with his results. Everyone we’ve referred to him feels the same way. We would, and do, highly recommend him to anyone who asks.

– Al Whittington, Owner, Jerry Nurse Auto

I was referred to Matthew Aston and the Team at Lighthouse Wealth Management by my nephew. Ever since they have taken over looking after my investments, my returns have been better than I thought possible. Consistently making more than 10% per year without having to experience a lot of volatility. I would certainly recommend their team to anyone. They keep in constant contact and make sure that everything is working together according to plan. In no time, I have realized that I can trust them wholeheartedly.

– Audrey Doogan, Retired Owner, Johnson-Doogan Contruction Company Ltd.

Matthew Aston is the most honest and trustworthy person I have ever had to represent my financial and insurance needs. He also has a wonderful personality to go along with his work ethic. I would recommend Matthew for any person or business to hire.

– Rev. Connie Garvey, Ordained Minister, Former Financial Advisor

About James Hughes

James provides us with peace of mind, knowing that someone is diligently looking after our investments, suggesting changes as needed, and is constantly monitoring where we are in terms of our retirement plans. He has made suggested changes to our banking situation and life insurance, both of which are appreciated and helpful. Trust and confidence are the most important aspects of an investment professional and James delivers!

– David Lougheed, Regulatory Department, College of Physicians

My investments at the bank were going nowhere and after meeting with James, my wife and I decided to have him manage our accounts and the returns have been fantastic over the years! He is very knowledgeable and is aware of market conditions at all times, taking the time to meet with us personally to communicate and update us so that we feel comfortable that our life savings are in capable hands. He always keeps my wife and I informed with regular meetings at our home to accommodate our work schedules, and contacts us when changes in our investments are needed. As a business owner myself, I find tremendous value in his availability and his expertise when it comes to matters of taxation and investing for our future. We find him and his staff at Lighthouse Wealth to be very courteous and professional.

– George Obey, Owner, Computer Solutions Plus

I would highly recommend trying out James Hughes who is part owner of Lighthouse Wealth Management in Peterborough Ontario. James and all the staff at Lighthouse Wealth Management are professional and courteous making you feel welcome and appreciated. Prior to having James take over my financial investments and life insurance I had lost tens of thousands of dollars. I took my portfolio to James for a free consultation where he pointed out to me many issues that were causing me to lose money. Within two years James had made up the losses in my portfolio plus a tidy little profit. Thanks to James and the staff at Lighthouse Wealth Management, my wife and I are still on track for our future retirement plans. Thank you James for caring more about your clients then your pocket book!

– Ted Davis, Real Estate Agent, Re/Max Eastern Realty

We have been a client of James Hughes for the past 13 years. James is always helpful, knowledgeable and he has always guided us through the many arms of our financial and retirement planning. James understands our objectives and has modified our holdings to stay in tune with the forecasted swings of the market with the best possible result.

James is very trustworthy, friendly and very helpful. The staff at Lighthouse Wealth Management are very professional and helpful. You will not regret investing with this firm.

– Rick Lewis, Retiree, Millbrook

Referred to me by my family, James traveled 300 kilometers to meet me prepared with an investment plan tailored to my retirement needs. His stewardship of my financial portfolio has been proactive, ethical and trustworthy. I appreciate the fiscal growth achieved by his investment strategies, particularly during challenging market conditions, and look forward to our continued professional relationship.

– Mary Anne Larocque, Social Worker, London

We were first introduced to Lighthouse Wealth Management and James Hughes in the fall of 2006. My parents had been working with him for several years to realign their financial goals when the discussion of inheritance and leaving a legacy began to emerge. James guided them to develop a plan that fit with their needs but also their wishes for the future. Through his personalized attention he helped them build something for generations to come.

James and his team at Lighthouse Wealth took the time to get to know and understand each of my family member’s unique situations and worked with them to create their own financial portfolio. This varied with each individual/couple and included RRSP’s, life and disability insurance needs, debt reduction, and inter-generational estate planning. Their knowledge and understanding of the economic trends and how best to build a portfolio that will fit our individual needs and goals is reassuring and allows us to focus on other matters.

– Darlene Leggett, Resource Manager and Part Owner, Broken Arrow Residential Treatment Services, Cobourg

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