When you partner with Lighthouse Private Wealth for your financial planning needs we take our fiduciary duty very seriously. Your best interests are central to any and all recommendations that we provide and since everyone’s situation is unique, we offer two compensation models to choose from:

Commission Based Compensation – Wealth Management Clients

Once a suitable plan has been developed and agreed upon, you allow our team of experts to help you implement the plan and to set up and manage the required accounts with the product providers. We will help you select the best possible products from the industry’s top providers and when they are set up, the companies that you transact business with pay a commission to our firm. An additional benefit of this arrangement is that, as the agent of record on your accounts, we are able to keep tabs on progress and ensure you stay on track to achieve your goals. And since the product providers will pay a commission to the agent who opens the account regardless, by pooling your planning and implementation you benefit from industry leading planning without the additional cost generally associated with it.

Fee for Service – Planning Only Clients

If you are in a situation where you have a long standing and committed relationship to an existing professional, be it an insurance agent, an investment broker, a banker or otherwise, but they are not equipped to do the planning that you need for your circumstances, we will work on a fee for service basis. In this model, we don’t do the implementation of the planning, or provide for the ongoing management of the accounts. We are simply contracted to develop the needed plans and provide them for implementation. In this model, your situation will be reviewed and you will be provided with an estimate of the fees that would be incurred. Under this model, it is no different than any other professional that you would do business with, be it a lawyer, an accountant, or even a dentist.

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Connie Garvey

Matthew Aston is the most honest and trustworthy person I have ever had to represent my financial and insurance needs. He also has a wonderful personality to go along with his work ethic. I would recommend Matthew for any person or business to hire.

Connie Garvey
Odained Minister, Former Financial Advisor

Audrey Doogan

Ever since they have taken over looking after my investments, my returns have been better than I thought possible. Consistently making more than 10% per year without having to experience a lot of volatility. I would certainly recommend their team to anyone.

Audrey Doogan
Retired Owner / Johnson-Doogan Construction Company Ltd

Ted Davis

I took my portfolio to James for a free consultation where he pointed out to me many issues that were causing me to lose money. Within two years James had made up the losses in my portfolio plus a tidy little profit.

Ted Davis
Real Estate Agent / Re/Max Eastern Realty

George Obey

He is very knowledgeable and is aware of market conditions at all times, taking the time to meet with us personally to communicate and update us so that we feel comfortable that our life savings are in capable hands.

George Obey

Al Whittington

He is different than any other wealth manager we have worked with....When running a business, there is little time left to babysit our professionals. We need a partner we can trust to do that for us. Thankfully, Matt is happy to help us with that whenever it’s needed.

Al Whittington

Lynda Riddell

I would highly recommend Matthew and his team to anyone and everyone that is tired of the mediocre and would like to have excellence, quality service, expertise, and care in the area of their wealth. This is one partnership you won’t regret.

Lynda Riddell
Mortgage Broker / The Mortgage Centre

Testimonial 4

We have been a client of James Hughes for the past 13 years. James is always helpful, knowledgeable and he has always guided us through the many arms of our financial and retirement planning.

Rick Lewis
Retiree / Millbrook

Testimonial 3

James provides us with peace of mind, knowing that someone is diligently looking after our investments, suggesting changes as needed, and is constantly monitoring where we are in terms of our retirement plans.

David Lougheed
Regulatory Department / College of Physicians

Testimonial 2

Matt has been advising my wife Katharine and me since June 2010. Our initial meeting was to review our Insurance coverage. As Matt gained our trust we switched all of our mutual fund investments to his management (January 2011).

Mark Higgins
Accountant & Real Estate Investor

Testimonial 1

Kim and I have had a lot of bad luck with accountants and advisers. Thank goodness we were introduced to Matt Aston.

Wayne Paget

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